Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seminarian Interest in the Divine Liturgy Project Growing!

As an Orthodox seminarian, I think that this project, as you have laid it out for us, is a noble endeavor and could be of great benefit to the Orthodox faithful of this country. I am humbled that you have asked us for our input and offered us the opportunity to join in the effort. As for myself, I am very interested in helping you. My only reservation is that I am not an expert on anything in particular.  Also as a seminarian, I am to an extent under obedience to a hierarch and want to make sure that what you publish will be in harmony with the Orthodox Faith.


We are impressed how humbly you described yourself!  Prudence and humility will take you a long way in life and especially (God willing) life as a priest.  It is important to realize,  that the spiritual health of your parish will be important in the future not only for the salvation of the souls of your congregation but for practical reasons as well. 

A devout parish that is spiritually healthy will provide for your livelihood and that of your future family and provide an atmosphere that allows you to be the best priest you can be. 
As a seminarian, your contribution will be highly valued and you can be sure that all who give time and talent on behalf of this project will be acknowledged in the final volume.  Your help (and those of your brother seminarians) will be particularly helpful on the section of “Major Feast Days” and “Saints Days.” We will include Icons with descriptions of the event (for Major feast days) or highlights from the life of the saint who is commemorated, the troparion and kontakion for the day, and perhaps a hymn or prayer that holds particular devotional value. Most importantly, get the word out and tell priests and co-seminarians about the project.  The staff of the DLP would be happy to personally speak at your seminary and present the project.
As all of those involved in the project are faithful Orthodox Christian laity and clergy who are obedient to the hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Patriarch.  The content will be proofread multiple times and submitted to the hierarchy for blessing before being printed. 
  This book is not meant to be a polemic nor a historical treatise.  As described in statement of purpose, we will use established sources and cite them appropriately.  These sources will be well known Orthodox hierarchs, theologians, patristic sources, patriarchal encyclicals (especially form his All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew I), the Orthodox Study Bible, etc.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us at  if you wish to be a contributor or have any feedback for us!

-The Staff at the Divine Liturgy Project

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