Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Divine Liturgy Project- Target Audience

The Staff of the Divine Liturgy Project are committed to delivering a text with visual standards that have the same beauty and richness of the texts of the Orthodox Church. We will present Orthodoxy in a way that will inspire and edify faithful in parishes and encourage an authentic popular piety based around the Liturgical life of the Church. It will hopefully inspire vocations to the Holy Priesthood and consecrated life, bring hope to struggling families, and give the faithful that come to church a reason to come next week.  It will also be helpful for visitors and inquirers into Orthodoxy that have never been to an Orthodox Church and want to know “what is happening and why” and will be a witness to the Catholic nature of the Orthodox Church.

At this time, my assistant editors and I are working on compiling the Divine Services in Greek and Enlgish listed in the Table of Contents. We continue to receive letters of praise and interest from Orthodox clergy around the country but we need your help!  Please contact us if you are willing to help or support our endeavor. This is truly a collaborative effort and we are actively seeking a Publisher with standards as high as our own.   

 “The Divine Liturgy Project” (which will eventually be renamed when completed) will be an asset to any parish.  Why?  The faithful will come to appreciate the great graces that they receive at each Liturgy and how our Tradition has clear, tangible links to Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ and the apostles transmitted through the centuries through the Divine Services of the Orthodox Church. 

-The Staff at the Divine Liturgy Project

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